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Exportadora de Café California plays a central part in the Mexican coffee export business with a market share of around 15 %.
At the same time the company is a main supplier to the local industry.

We are dedicated to coffee and to the people who share our love for this demanding product.
We have learned a lot over the decades, but continue to further our knowledge. We see each crop as a new challenge.


Coffee in Mexico

It is said that Mexico has a long past and a short history. High cultures arose, left impressive archeological buildings full of mystery and then disappeared. The Spanish rule followed for centuries. Picturesque historical colonial cities bear witness of this period. Then the Mexican Revolution left its marks on the country.

Today Mexico is economically closely linked to the US. Mexico exports raw materials, has a flourishing low-cost production and generates income from tourism. Yet a quarter of the population of 109 million people makes their living from agriculture.



Coffee production started at the end of the 19th century. Today more than 450,000 registered coffee producers, the majority small farmers, are cultivating coffee on a total of 680,000 hectares.

Coffee producing areas are located in the country's southern regions mainly the states of Chiapas, Veracruz, Oaxaca and Puebla. Mexico produces primarily washed Arabica and exports about 4 million bags per year, thus ranking 7th worldwide. The country is world champion in the production of organic coffees.

Coffee's share in export revenues is rather small, but its social importance cannot be overestimated: an estimated 2.5 million people make a living of coffee, especially in economically underdeveloped areas.
Around 40% of the Mexican coffee production is consumed internally, most of it as soluble coffee but lately one can find more and more coffee shops and Mexicans show an increasing interest in high quality coffees, espresso, cappuccino & Co.