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Exportadora de cafe california is an essential processing point for transforming a raw commodity into a product ready for export.

But it takes more than building and running a hi-tech coffee mill to be a successful exporter. Besides technical importance, our business counts on the human factor.


We know that it takes a long way and a lot of dedication to produce a good coffee. In consequence we fell it is our responsibility to find the best possible market for our producer friends which we attend in our 15 purchasing agencies located in all important coffee producing regions of the country. We see it as our obligation to pay to our farmers the price their coffee deserves. By this we are generating the mutual confidence which we believe is an essential part of our business.


When selling, we supply nearly all of the important roasters worldwide, either directly or through our sister importing companies. Yet, one third of our volume is sold to the Mexican industry for local consumption.




Each delivery is carefully controlled and cupped in our laboratories before the milling process starts.

Our modern mills are certified under several industrial standards and we are a certified exporter of organically grown coffee.

Every client has their own particular requirements and often the coffee has to be prepared to individual order. Our consistent quality concept combined with modern logistic programs accompanies every bean from purchase to shipment.objectives.jpg