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We believe that employees who enjoy their work perform better.
We invest in our people and they are dedicated to their jobs.

Some People say that coffee is just like any other commodity, but we beg to differ. It is the people who make the difference: our producer friends, our clients and last but not least our staff.

Expertise is essential in an agricultural process which is so sensitive and in a market which is one of the most volatile among all of the commodity markets. There is no better investment than human resources.


120 permanent employees, 40 of them in the Veracruz headoffice make sure that our hard-earned reputation as "quality consigner" is defended daily. We pride ourselves of every employee's professionalism and an extremely low personal fluctuation.

Apprenticeships, internal and external training programs, and job rotation ensures a high level of expertise. Many of our key personnel have worked abroad, gathering knowledge and know-how which they bring back to our company.